UX / Product / Service / Brand Design?

It pleases me to see how common UXer’s understanding of the scope of impact they can make went from designing a button to designing a global service and beyond.

There’s just so many things in any product that require or benefit from designer’s work, thought and touch.

A common thing I observe though is the lack of care for the brand.

Brand image, the way your audience thinks of your company, matters a lot. It is hard, sometimes impossible, to design a great experience behind a poorly designed brand.

Not talking colors’ or brand voice in particular, but a sum of all things customers feel when they experience your product.

Some great products designed by Microsoft or Yahoo suffer just because of the poor ‘brand reputation’ surrounding them.

‘Sounds like a great note taking app, but I’m just not going to invest my time into another Microsoft product’.

Apple or Google, on the contrary, might have a few very poor products that people stick to and use because they like the brand overall.

Same goes for small new startups.

If the first impression you make, your values and vibe resonate with the customer, they’ll give you a try.

Everybody wants to buy cool stuff from cool companies, from cool people. That simple. With so much competition, people learned to choose what ‘feels right’. ‘Works well’ is not enough.

If the brand matches the target audience & the product, success is closer.

For a designer who truly cares for the product & the cause, not being there when the brand is conceived is a missed opportunity (best case). Worst case — leaving product success to chance.

P.S. This might sound like a designer needs to get into every aspect of a company & product they work on, AND all things connected, albeit remotely. Do think so.

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