There’s a problem with old content. Blog posts, social feeds posts, photography collections on flickr or elsewhere etc.

Once the new entry is out there, posted, new audience just don’t go back to see older posts, older artwork, older anything.

The age of now and new.

Book becomes the only medium that will give a chance to all of your content get explored in all of its entirety.

Another way is bringing back memories — facebook posts “from one year back”, “similar articles”, more in this category etc.

I’m looking forward to a medium that will support both periodical content sharing (much like news that get outdated fast) and the forever relevant (from content creator’s point of view).

The little help content delivery systems (YouTubes, Wordpresses, Facebooks) can do is promoting older content to the interested audience.

E.g. Watched a music video of this new band you liked? Here’re some older ones they posted watch now or add to “Watch later”.

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